The Magician

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The Magician


Rules: Mercury

Exaltation: Virgo

Astrology: Gemini and Virgo

Color: Deep Yellow/Gold

Upright: Ego. Self. I. Manifestation, resourcefulness, power, occultist, innovator, inspired action, magick, infinite, education, insight, applied knowledge, action, energy, acting now, physician, healer, willpower, desire, creation, confidence

Reversed: manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents, con-man, trickster, thief, illusions, out of touch, illusions, things not being how they appear

The Magician Upright Summary

When we draw the Magician it is generally positive in its upright form. Everything is at your disposal right now. Much like the magician in the traditional imagery of the Rider-Waite deck, he has everything laid before him to manifest any intention he has. There is a divine spark inside you, it just needs gas to take off. You are currently in a position to fulfill any projects that you have on your mind, and anything you’ve been considering moving forward with, this would be your sign to do so.

The Magician is typically referring to the querent. It is the first step after the Fool’s journey, to make progress in the path we are headed down. He is the first glimpse at the bigger picture. In this respect, the Magician is a first reference to “As Above, So Below.” You have the connection between heaven and earth. You have mastery over the four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. You can use one or all of them, the choice is in your hands. You understand what element to use for each situation. Once you understand the basic principle of the Magician, you understand that everything that you think or actively visualize through concentration and intention is yours. We are creators of our own universe. The magician symbolizes pure potential, focused structure and the ability to become more than the person you are today.


In the place of the past, the Magician often represents an achievement of some kind you are actively benefitting from. Whether or not you recognize or give credit to this achievement does not matter, it benefits remain the same. The past is a major preface to the future. Studying hard leads to good grades; making good networks, leads to job opportunities, etc.


In the position of the present, the Magician is all about potential and confidence in any given situation. If you have started or are thinking of starting a new job, or project, the Magician is here to say “great job! Keep going, you’ve totally got this,” assuming you put in the work. Consider transferring your knowledge to others, and be helpful. You are pure potential, do not let self-doubt hold you back. Instead, head into whatever situation you have with confidence and a head held high.


In the position of the future, the Magician represents your future potential. Again it is such a positive card. Although at this moment you may not have all the tools at your fingertips to manifest your desires, your future self will. Even if you are feeling the weight of not completing your tasks as you wish now, maintain your vision and see it through because it will work out, just maybe not in the timescale you imagined. This is also a reminder to take a slice of humble pie. Just because you have started a project does not mean you know everything.

Reversed Summary

When reversed, the Magician can indicate a con artist or trickster. On a non-personal level, it suggests something is seriously wrong with your universe, and things do not appear as they seem. The universal flow of “As above, so Below” has been interrupted and situations and truths have become illusions. This is also a card of ego. The “divine spark” we spoke of before is coming from a person, not from one’s self. This is someone else’s vision you are seeing for yourself, this is someone else’s ego. Reversed the Magician can indicate being manipulated by someone or a situation outside of yourself. This can also be a reference to a lack of any spirituality or faith in anything. Without faith, our vision only looks inward and can become ego. Check your ego at this time.


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