The Fool

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The Fool


Rules: Uranus

Exaltation: Scorpio

Astrological Association: Aquarius

Element: Air

Color: Pale Yellow

Upright: beginnings, free spirit, innocence, spontaneity, starting over, fresh, bright, youth, extremes, beginning without end, infinite potential, optimism, freedom

Reversed: holding back, restlessness, risk-taking, foolish behavior, mental disorders, recklessness, instability, childlike, naive

The Fool Symbolism

The white sun is shining on him, but he turns his back on its radiance and warmth. Instead he embraces the yellow sky. We can only see a third of the glowing white light. It shines from the right-hand corner of the card, which means that all has not been revealed to him. Never-the-less, he has the energy and childlike exuberance of discovering the wonders of being alive. The placement of the sun is important in esoteric teaching as it represents the spiritual sun, which never sets. In this way it cannot reach its high point. It will never set. It is eternal. The angle is 45-degrees, which equals the number nine. The number nine represents the height of spirituality that one can reach in a lifetime. The Hermit, Key 9, also stands on a tall summit. Perhaps this summit is the one in the background. It’s definitely something to meditate on.

He holds a white rose, which symbolizes purity and innocence. He is indeed innocent and a little naïve, but only because of his youth and inexperience. He is ready to learn everything life has to offer him. The rose is a cultivated flower. There is a species of roses that grow in the wild and these have 5 petals. The roses we see in the florist shops today have been bred to contain multiple petals.  So here we have a natural element combined within human constraints. The same is said about the dog, which is also white. Left to nature, the dog is really a wolf, but with the help of human intervention, we have a dog. The white dog is also a representation of the intellect being a human condition, which is lower than the spiritual cosmic egg that we spring from. The color white represents the purity of the fool’s consciousness (dog) and the cultivated desire yet to be directed (white rose). When we get to the Magician, we have truly cultivated our desires with the red roses. Red represents our passions and desires. At this stage in the Fool’s journey he is just happy to be alive and has not yet directed his desire. It is still unlimited and expansive.

He holds a red nap sack and has red brimming around his sleeves. All his desires are still covered in his purse and by most of his clothing. In general, red is associated with action and power; it is a primary color. The red nap sack is tied to a wand, the essence of actions. The pouch is full of his past memories, which represent subconscious. It is full of his past lives that have not been utilized consciously, but he is ready to learn how to use them. Last, red is the color with the shortest wavelength. If we think about the shortest wavelength, red, we can’t really see into it. The waves are too short.

The red feather is symbolic of desire, passion and truth. The red comes from the green wreath, symbolizing growth and manifestation into the physical. It is a connection to reincarnation and evolution, for we start at the vegetable kingdom and rise up to the animal kingdom.

The mountain peaks in the background are cold and snow covered, but they are a reminder of the accomplishments awaiting each of us on our journey through life. The Magician, the next card, is when we figure out how to use our tools to achieve these goals. The mountains in the distance are contrasted against the precipice the Fool stands upon. This reminds us of the mathematical concept of fractals. Up close it looks like a pile of rocks, but from a distance the mountains rise up into beautiful, mathematical perfection.

His white dog jumps up and down at his feet. Both are standing so close to the edge of a cliff. Is he even looking where he is going? His foot looks like it’s moving forward. Does he even know that he could fall over the cliff? He’s so full of excitement and renewal that he doesn’t observe the edge, but the dog does. Is the dog his friend, his companion, his intuition? Since the Fool is represented by super-consciousness, then the dog is the fool’s conscious mind reminding the Fool to come back to the constraints of the physical reality. All his subconscious memories are tied into the knapsack. In order to understand super-consciousness, it needs to be examined into parts: subconsciousness and consciousness.

The Fool Upright Summary

Despite its name the fool isn’t an idiot, the name for our purposes is used as more of a synonym for ignorant. And ignorance isn’t usually a bad thing, we are all ignorant of some things. In fact, often when we are ignorant, we are braver. The Fool is an important and positive card.

Typically, the fool is referring to the querent and not someone else in the querents life. The Fool often advises us to take risks, or a chance, on something that may be on the forefront of your mind. The Fool wants us to be content with who we are, and to worry less about what other’s think of us. Don’t worry about how others see you at this time, focus on just being completely true and genuine to yourself. Don’t be afraid to be seen as “foolish.”

If you are considering making a major change or accepting an opportunity, the Fool shows up to say, “What are you Doing? GO FOR IT!”.  Jump in feet first! Try something new, even if it feels a little unsafe.


In the place of the past, the Fool can represent the wheels already in motion. You may have already been presented with a choice to release your inhibitions. You’re already headed down a path that seemed risky. It can also represent time wasted.


When the Fool is in the position of the present, it is almost always the querent the Fool speaks of. They could be ready to abandon something or someone and move forward with their life. Look forward to new horizons and opportunity. This marks an at least fork in the road, where we consider new opportunities and are ready to enter a new life phase.


In the position of the future, the Fool can signal a journey, no, not literally. Instead of packing up your physical belongings and moving somewhere, the Fool suggests a spiritual journey. Where you pack your emotional baggage and see where that ride takes you. The Fool is especially good to draw when you are starting a new life phase, such as a new school or job; something that is actively going to change the structure of your day to day life.

Reversed Summary

The Fool, when reversed, is almost the exact opposite of its upright counterpart. Instead of encouraging you to dive in feet first, it’s presence warns to be cautious as danger may be on the path ahead. It can also hint towards recklessness and novice behavior when pursuing a new venture. It is good to try new things, be brave and bold, but be sure you’re at least having some thought in your actions. It’s good to be brave, it’s not good to be reckless and putting yourself in direct danger. Be sure that you aren’t getting lost in your own thoughts and not actively ‘doing’. We all have ideas, but it is only through action that these ideas materialize and have value.

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