madam pamita’s magical tarot book review

Hey there everyone! Sorry, long time no update, things around here have been a little crazy. If you haven’t already seen on my Instagram, my dad had a little whoopsie off the roof, so my husband and I have taken on responsibilities he normally would do, and my blogging time has been limited. For those who are wondering/have asked, he is feeling much better and is making a slow, but very steady, recovery. Hopefully, he is back to at least some degree of mobility soon! I’ve been meaning to do this blog post for quite some time, so I’m excited to finally be able to share this with you!

You Can Buy it HERE

A month or so ago, I got my hands on the Madame Pamita’s Magical Tarot book. I had seen this book around, via @ritualcravt’s Instagram, and so was excited when I was able to get my hands on a copy. Although I am not a beginner in tarot, I do think there is a lot to learn from different diviners, and how they interpret the suites. This book is no different and is an intro to tarot informational. If you are beginning your journey into tarot, this book is a wonderful option!

Something that I really enjoyed about Magical Tarot, was that it covered the general topics of each suite. By that I mean, it goes into each suite, including the Major Arcana, and gives a brief overview of the suite, via their general focus and their elemental associations. Before she explores the suite, she gives an understanding of the elements associated with the said suite.

Now this book does not have both upright and reverse readings, but I feel like if you’re searching for something to ease you into the art of tarot, you shouldn’t worry about reverse cards anyway. You have to learn to walk before you can run. In other books I have read, often they give keywords that focus on what each card represents, and give a general overview of their interpretation without any real reasoning. Instead of just giving you keywords, this book goes into the description of what one can imagine when we pull the cards, this is backed up with her exploring the symbolism within each card. This to me, seems to be more beneficial, especially for a beginner, than just a bullet list of key phrases, energies, and ideas. The other thing I genuinely enjoyed about this book was the break down of the symbolism within the images, based off the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck. She refers to them as the Key Symbols of the cards, which is a topic I find is covered enough in other books. She also prompts questions with each card, which is insightful for “in the moment” readings.

Overall I think this book is perfect for people getting their feet wet with tarot. I am often asked by my beautiful followers where to begin, and my advice is always, just start, and pick up a book if you can. And what a good option this is for exactly that. This is less of a spoon fed you answers without any explanation, and instead explores ideas and concepts, as well as the symbolism within the cards.

You Can Buy it HERE

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