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Someone recently asked me what my day in magick looks like to me. Which is an extensive, personal and complicated question. As someone who is “a full-time witch” (as a friend described it, someone, who is a witch in both their job and personal life) this can span from very personal magick through doing things for others (big and small). However, this, of course, does not mean that I am without a routine. So I’ve compiled a list of 5 practices I try and bring to my space every day, that maybe can help you too.

  • Incense! I know that not everyone has the ability to burn incense in their home. Maybe you live with people who despise the scent, or you yourself are sensitive and it causes sneezing or similar. But for me personally, whatever intentions I’m trying to put out into the universe, I find incense that corresponds and I burn one in the morning and one in the evening. Usually, I try and pick a masculine and feminine balance within my incense, starting the day with masculine and ending with feminine, balancing both energies. No matter what way you paint it though, assuming you don’t mind incense, your home now suddenly smells great and has added a simple intention correspondence to your day!
  • Daily-ish (probably like 3-4 times a week) tarot pulling for myself. I have a journal that I record my own readings in and I go back and reflect on them after a few days. In a sense this is much like keeping a journal, the difference is I focus on what messages I get from the cards that pertain to my situation at that moment. Sometimes I use it to seek guidance, other times I use it to check myself and my actions. Regardless, it’s an integral part of my everyday practice. The IG account @themexicanwitch did a video just yesterday, I enjoyed, regarding the mental health aspects of regular tarot. The act in and of itself is one of self-care. I myself use tarot for both divination and as an “in the moment” check-in. This varies of course between witches on the uses they have for tarot, in my opinion, none of them wrong. Although magick is not a synonym for self-care (*cough* piss off Basic Witches *cough*), the two can line up accidentally at times and that is incredible.
  • Constant cleansing is important in our tiny home. With such a small space, in my experience, energy tends to “fill up” quicker (for lack of a better term). Now this obviously can’t be done every day, I mean probably it could, but please refer back to the “tired” aspect of my namesake. The alternative that I have found, that works for me in my home, is salt. No, I don’t salt the exterior of the bus, because the term “salting the earth” can quite literally ruin the ground. Now I am not going to point fingers at anyone who does this, but for me personally, I like things to be able to grow, so I make a conscious effort. Instead, I put a pinch of salt in each corner of our house. I change this out every full moon and then cleanse with smoke or spray once a week. *Cleanliness is close to godliness* or whatever that dumb saying is.
  • Making time for my craft. I try and dedicate at least 15 minutes a day that is completely for my craft. This can span from anything from mindful meditation to full-blown ritual work. Sometimes, much like my name mentions, I am tired and need to make time for anything seems exhausting, so I will combine things. For example, I practice yoga to stretch my back (a lifelong problem). If you’ve ever taken a yoga class, you would likely remember savasana or corpse pose, at the of your practice. This is used as a means of relaxing all the muscles you had just been working, including your brain! Often if I am cramped for time or feel like there’s no way I can make time for both, I will choose the health of my back over magick and make savasana mindful. The last five minutes of my yoga practice, suddenly turns into mindful meditation, two birds one stone, who doesn’t love a time-saving queen?
  • Finally, candles are a huge part of my practice. Whether they are devotional, corresponding to a spell I am working on, or simply warming up salt, there is always at least 3 candles burning in this home at once. Now a huge disclaimer, do NOT go burning down your homes witches. Do I use devotional candles for seven-day spells? You’re darn right I do. But I do so safely, and in a way that I know, in the event, something happened when I wasn’t home, it’s not going to burn down my house. This is so major I feel like “don’t burn down your house” should just be number five! Haha! Everyone tells you, oh burn your bay leaves, no one tells you those dry ass leaves ignite into a fiery nightmare while it’s still in your hands! HA! Simple ways of using candles can be as small as a tealight to represent fire on your altar, using chime candles in spells, gold and silver candles to represent the sun and the moon, or even as simples of the watchtowers in circle casting (a personal preference of mine). JUST DON’T BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!

I hope at least someone found this list useful, as a means of implementing a little more magick into your daily life. Being mindful of your intentions and making the conscious effort to bring magick into your home is always an amazing first step. Everything else is cake once you get a handle on that.

My question for you is, what do you do daily to practice magick? It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, how do you get magickal? Comment below and tell me the smallest or the biggest magickal thing you do daily!


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