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I thought for my first post, I’d take some time to really introduce myself. My name is Robyn. Unlike some witches, I don’t have a craft name, it’s never been something I’ve felt I’ve needed. Nor has anything ever truly resonated with me, that I felt to take the name as my own. This, of course, doesn’t lessen anyone who does, or myself I feel for that matter, just a personal choice. I am 29, almost 30, which is wild, (where’s the time even gone?) and I’ve been a witch longer than I would care to address, haha! But in the last year, I’ve finally approached being open about it with friends and family, who have of course been amazing and supportive. (If we are being honest, no one was surprised, and it explained a lot for a lot of them.) I have always considered myself just a witch, something as a child I thought was very whimsical and like Harry Potter. As a teenager, starting to actual research things, and learn more I, of course, learned the real intricacies of magick, and how people in my life had been practicing magick all my life, I just didn’t realize it had a name. But upon opening up online, I realize now there are so many path titles. I still consider myself just a witch, but for the sake of comfortability of others, you could probably align my craft with some kind of eclectic, green witch situation. I personally don’t identify with that, but I feel it tends to make others more comfortable if my path direction has a clear direction.

I am happily married to the most wonderful human I could have ever asked to know, nevertheless get to spend forever with. Together we have two cats and live (for now) in a tiny home, school bus conversion. Despite how it may appear to others who don’t understand, we aren’t homeless! Haha! This was a conscious choice made by us. We have made the active choice to try and live smaller with personal circumstances and spend more time on us rather than things. It also impacts the way we look at our global footprint, and try and reduce, reuse, and recycle! Due to our downsized living, everything involving my craft is miniature. Tiny cauldron, tiny altar, tiny athame. You name it, it’s small scale. In the next year though we should be moving to a real house again, and things will slowly transition to being… full sized.

I have been vegan for the last seven-eight years. Honestly maybe less? I’m not 100% sure, because when I went vegan, I never thought anyone would ask me about it. So I haven’t ever tracked it. All I know for sure, is, it was at least a year or so, before I met my husband, and we’ve been together for 5ish years. Who even keeps track of these things? What I can say is my amazing best friend, and adorable Aussie, “converted” me years ago. Thanks to her I learn about compassionate eating, and I couldn’t feel more grateful for that. This isn’t going to be a blog about what I put in my body though, but it’s worth mentioning because it does affect my practice. I don’t practice with animal products unless they were already dead. For example, I have some taxidermy/bones, it’s been ethically sourced by animals that died of natural causes. I think that the skeletal system and just the general forms in nature are so beautiful. Death is something I personally embrace and don’t hide from. Ethical taxidermy is something that you can find, with research. However, if ethical sourcing is something you firmly believe in (as I do), you have to really research, ask questions and shoot emails. A lot of places use the term ethically sourced a little too loosely for my liking, but hey maybe I’m just picky.


As some of you have likely found me, I run a little shop online, Black Cat Magick. Originally I thought to have the same name for my shop as this blog because I am very proud of that. But decided to keep them separate, yet equal. What I am most passionate about, and practice most often (for others) is tarot. I like to think I am pretty good at my job and it brings me so much joy connecting with others on such an intimate level. I used to be a counselor for many years, and part of me still misses that connection with people. Reading tarot, is in a way, the same way to connect with people, it now just has a different face.

Writing has always been something that I have loved, but never particularly been good at. On this blog, you will not find beautifully sculpted paragraphs and poetry. Although I personally do enjoy reading things so beautifully put, I am not that girl. I am maybe a little brasher than your average writer, and I don’t sugar coat things and pretend its wonderful. I swear too much, so let’s just get that out in the open from the get-go. I have a potty mouth, something in my personal life I am trying to be better at, but in written text… you’re likely to hear me swear a lot more than my grandmother would be proud of. If you want always perfect aesthetics, and wordplay, I am not your girl. My intent for this blog is to share some helpful information, and as a platform to share my personal journey. Although, yes this was a very personal post, please expect to come here for information and opinions with only the smallest occasional personal pieces.

I’m just a very tired witch, doing her best, and sharing some magick with you.

Thanks for sharing this space with me.


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